His Biggest Dream: Being a Soccer Player

For 16 years old-Georgian patient, Mamia Pirckhalaishvili, with leukemia who presented to our clinic for bone morrow transplantation, being a soccer player was his biggest dream.


All our dreams can come true, if we're healthy

Chemotherapy was started after the patient was evaluated by our pediatric hematologist Assoc. Prof. Ceyhun Bozkurt, M.D. Since patient achieved good response to medical treatment, bone marrow transplantation is not required. It was wonderful news made all of us happy. Footballers of Trabzonspor Football Club gave a uniform, which is signed by all players, as a gift in order to make our patient, who is in recovery period, believe that dreams can come true.

We discharged our patient Mamia to his home, family and loved ones and we, hereby, wish him a healthy, happy and long life, where all dreams come true.