Breast Cancer Surgery

Today the possibility of breast cancer in every 8 women out of 10 indicates once more the importance of the follow up and treatment of breast diseases. Unhealthy environment conditions as well as genetic factors play a role in breast cancer. Its frequency increases after menopause. Every mass or bulk appearing in breasts may not necessarily be an indication of cancer. Nevertheless it would be better for the women to make her breasts examined and to apply to an expert in case of a suspicion and that the lack of any problems was told by an expert. This also enables the opportunities of early diagnosis. The examinations in our hospitals developed for early diagnosis (breast USG, mammography, fine-lead aspiration biopsy] are performed with technological devices by teams who are experts in their fields.

In treatment of breast diseases similarly treatment options complying with world standards are preferred. Also chemotherapy and radiotherapy options after the surgical treatment are offered in coordination with other hospitals of Medical Park which became experts on their fields.​