General Information


Admitting patients in Gaziosmanpaşa district of Istanbul since 2015, ISUH continues hospital business operations in configuration of modern university hospital since first quarter of 2018 based on an affiliation with Istinye University.

Making a striking difference in healthcare services with its innovative approach, Istinye University Hospital makes difference also with education and scientific studies.

Istinye University Hospital Gaziosmanpaşa has a capacity of 591 beds, including 175 intensive care beds, and 15 operating theaters and healthcare services are rendered in line with international standards; most up-to-date medical and surgical techniques are supplemented by modern technologies for diagnosis and treatment of cancer – a condition regarded as major disease of our era – and chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases.

Innovative approach of the university hospital makes a difference in healthcare services and VM floor serves guests on a modern and stylish service line.

Central location of Istinye University Hospital Gaziosmanpaşa provides guests with advantage also in transportation and access. University hospital is walking distance of several minutes to Gaziosmanpaşa square and there are also many mass transportation means.​