Occupational Health And Safety Policy

Istinye University Hospitals Group aims, subject to Occupational Health and Safety Policy, to keep potential risks of occupational accidents under control, create a healthy and safe working environment and improve the Occupational Health and Safety Culture by participation of all our employees.


We adopt following principles to achieve our goals of Occupational Health and Safety:

  • Complying with regulations and standards of Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Educating our employees on Occupational Health and Safety to improve relevant awareness
  • Ensuring that all our employees, suppliers and clients comply with and participate to rules and processes of Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Determining and eliminating threats in advance by analyzing risks in a timely and correct manner.
  • Detecting and eliminating workplace factors that may lead to occupational accidents and professional diseases.
  • Improving Occupational Health and Safety activities continuously by closely monitoring the technological developments.
  • We commit, in this end, that our efforts will be continuously maintained to create a healthy work environment in our organization.​


Muharrem Usta
Chairman of Board