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Welcome to web site of Istinye University Hospitals Group

“Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy" with provisions stated below include necessary rules to use our web site (Site) at '' www.gaziosmanpasaiuh.com'' and the services provided in our site.  For detailed information about Istinye University Hospitals, please review the title //About Us.



By visiting or using our site, you accept, declare and guarantee that you have read, understood and accepted these terms. Istinye University Hospitals  (ISUH) keeps the right to make changes in these terms at any time. Every amendment in these terms will be valid as soon as it is published at our site. Thus, we kindly request that you follow the “Terms of Use" and “Privacy Policy" of the site regularly to learn the terms concerning you.



- Owner and content provider of the web site, ''www.gaziosmanpasaiuh.com'', which belong to (ISUH), is MLP Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş. that is a corporation founded and maintains its entity pursuant to laws of Republic of Turkey, registered in Istanbul Trade Register (Nr. 574014) and having headquarters in Otakçılar Caddesi, No: 78 Flat Ofis Aqua Ofis Court D Blok 3. Kat NO: 103 Eyüp ISTANBUL.

- User is a real person, who visits the Site for personal use and/or becomes a member to utilize the online services of MP that are not related with diagnosis and treatment. The User uses the Site in line with the intents and authorizations outlined in this Terms of Use. User shall not take any action that violates relevant laws and Terms of Use specified at the Site.

- User accepts, declares and guarantees that Terms of Use and provisions of Privacy Policy have been read and understood and that User acts in line with Privacy rules.

- User clearly accepts, states and guarantees that User read and understood these terms and is also obliged to follow all laws, regulations and other legislations in force related to the Site along with these terms. User knows and accepts that access to the Site and/or User's membership can be ceased and/or legal proceedings can be pursued if User acts against this undertaking.

- The Site that you visit includes all micro-sites – listed on this page- with the logo of Istinye University Hospitals that can be seen here. When you visit the said web sites of Istinye University Hospitals, you should view the terms of use and the privacy principles. The fact you see the logo of Istinye University Hospitals in any site apart from these sites does not mean that these security and privacy rules apply to these sites.

- The only aim of providing links from the Site to various websites is to inform the patient. ISUH does not provide links or make referral for any commercial purpose.  ISUH does not warrant or assume liability or responsibility for the contents of the web sites that the official web provides links.

- No user or a third party is allowed to provide link to the Site without prior authorization of ISUH.

- ISUH does not warrant that the information, comment, image, method and other data (Content/Information) published at the site is correct, accurate, functional, faultless and up-to-date. Site and its content are submitted “as is" and “as it stands".

The content of the Site may contain uncertain, open-ended and risky statements. User should not use the content as an unhesitant information source. User accepts that the comment and the opinion regarding the medical data belong to the physician.

- ISUH has the right to update, change, delete and edit the Information published at the Site. MP assumes no responsibility for User or third parties regarding possible mistakes, deficiencies or changes that may occur while all those procedures are done.

- ISUH does not warrant that the Site provides continuous service, and it may temporarily suspend the function of current system or cease it at any time. ISUH does not guarantee that the site does not contain virus or pollutant or destructive features and that your computer will not be infected due to downloading from the Site. ISUH assumes no responsibility for User and third parties regarding these problems.

- ISUH is no means liable for User or third parties due to suspending a part of or the whole Site temporarily or ceasing the publication of the Site.

- ISUH does not make a commitment to the User regarding the information on portal or web sites accessed through the links in or on the Site. The User is solely responsible for all discretions and acts about the said information. User shall not claim against ISUH due to unauthorized use of information published at the Site, making decisions or acting in line with the content or suffering from loss or damage due to use of Information accessed through the Site. ISUH assumes no responsibility for losses or damages that occurred or will occur due to the Site as claimed by the User.

- All the information available on Site includes general knowledge that are issued to protect, prevent and improve the health and to raise awareness of the public. It can be no means regarded as an advice for the specific condition of the User.

- Any information on Site does not carry diagnostic or therapeutic meaning. Do not use the information available on the Site to select method of diagnosis and treatment. You should always and necessarily consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Everyone may have different and special conditions and it is only your physician who can assess such conditions.

- The informative Content of the Site has no advertisement or demand-conditioning aim and it does not intend guiding someone to diagnosis and treatment.

You need to follow below written stages to become a member for utilizing the online services of the Site:

- The User should personally enter user name and password that will be needed to become a member or during actions while the Site is used. User should not share the user name and password with third parties and follow all the security and privacy rules to hinder access of third parties. User accepts, declares and guarantees in advance that the processes performed using the user name and password shall be deemed as actions performed by the User and that all resultant responsibility shall be undertaken by the User.

- User may receive support on following issues through the online services.

- If the User shares personal information during the use of the Site, the User accepts and guarantees that the said information is true, accurate and safe personal detail.

- If a User younger than 18 schedules appointment at one of ISUH hospitals using E-Appointment application, it is necessary that the User presents to the appointment with parents or should submit written consent of guarding parents.

-User cannot use the Site illegally, unethically and dishonestly. User shall not use the Site for amending, damaging or reverse engineering the Site or a part of it or for collecting data stored at the Site. User cannot do anything to damage the Site, such as infecting the site with virus etc.

- User cannot use the Site, infrastructure of the Site and/or the Content for tracking, copying or otherwise modifying the User data of the Site.

- User shall not use any information published at the Site, including but not limited to any name, title, brand, logo, visual, document, database, method, technique etc. of ISUH (all referred to as “Content") without consent of ISUH. ISUH has primarily the moral rights based on the Code of Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846 and rights to process, copy, distribute, represent and publish (financial) and all other rights based on other legislations. All unauthorized uses by the User, that is without consent of ISUH, will clearly imply breach of the ISUH's rights and the provisions of this Terms of Use, regardless of whether the use causes a damage or not.

- User accepts to compensate all positive and negative loss, including profit loss of ISUH and third parties, if she/he breaches the copyrights of ISUH or uses the Site in violation of this Terms of Use.

- ISUH declares, guarantees and accepts that cookies are used in the system of the site, the cookies are pieces of information that are transferred to the cookie file of the User's computer and that these help collecting information about User of the Site and to design and develop more appropriate and beneficial Content.

- Your IP address is registered every time you visit our site, although your name is not saved.

- You may communicate your complaints, recommendations, information demands to the mail address international@medicalpark.com.tr. You may seek support through Customer Services at 0090 530 174 27 41.

- You can access the occupational ethics and affiliated legislation of physicians at http://www.ttb.org.tr.

- All disputes arising out of the Site shall be governed by relevant legislation of Republic of Turkey at Istanbul (Çağlayan) courts and execution offices.





1. It is deemed that USER (The term “USER" indicates YOU) agrees all principles by becoming a member of ISU Online Mobile Application (“ISUH Mobile Application").

2. Unless otherwise is clearly stated, every intellectual and industrial property rights, including processing, copying, distributing, representing and communication to the public using mark, voice and image transmission devices over the content, the audiovisual components and their edits belong to the MLP Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş. (“MLP"). Information cannot be distributed, leased, copied, amended and used for commercial purpose without prior written consent of MLP.  However, citations are allowed, provided the reference is declared.

3. MLP reserves the right to amend and modify the information, visual elements and the content available in ISUH Mobile Application without notice in advance. The provisions amended by MLP shall be immediately put into force after they are published on relevant page.

4. Personal information, such as name and surname, mail address, date of birth, gender, phone and fax number and electronic mail address, is collected by MLP only with the consent of visitor and they are not disclosed to third parties without clear consent of the person who shares such information. MLP assumes no liability for the content and false information submitted by user, including any loss or damage arising out of the mistake or the deficiency in the content or use of the content or technical issues in the ISUH Mobile Application.

5. ISUH Mobile Application may re-direct the user to other mobile applications that do not belong to ISUH or are not related to activities of ISUH. If a User visits the Site and downloads any one of those mobile applications, MLP is not responsible for policies and applications as well as privacy provisions of the mobile applications and damages and losses of third parties.

6. The data in this ISUH  Mobile Application are submitted “as is" and “as it stands". MLP does not indirectly, directly or legally provide any clear or implied guarantee, including but not limited to property, salability, trueness, reliability, accuracy, appropriateness for a certain purpose and/or absence of virus on ISUH Mobile Application, including the information about third parties.

7. MLP and/or employees of MLP are not responsible for damages and losses, including but not limited to direct or indirect damages, losses and expenses secondary to any kind of performance faults, error, deficiency, interruption, defect, delay in process and/or transmission, computer virus and/or line and/or system error, even if they are informed about the possibility of such damages and losses in advance.

8. If MLP requests you enter personal information in ISUH Mobile Application, your personal information (name, surname, address, R.T. ID number, date of birth, e-mail, phone number etc.) are only used for sending information messages, creating a database and making market search by MLP and they will never be shared with third parties and institutions except for legal obligations and your consent. If MLP finds out that the privacy rules are breached by any visitor, it has the right to take any measure without obligation of notice or approval. With this “Personal Data Processing and Privacy Policy", USERS accept every kinds of means (call, SMS, mail etc.) to communicate with them.

9. Personal information of USER implies name and surname, phone number, electronic mail address and any and all descriptive information. Unless otherwise is stated in Personal Data Processing and Privacy Policy, MLP will not disclose the personal information to companies that are not in cooperation with MLP or to third parties. MLP may not follow provisions of Personal Data Processing and Privacy Policy and disclose the information of USER to third parties in circumstances mentioned below. These circumstances are as follows;

a. Conditions requiring compliance to obligations based on provisions of law enacted by authorized legal offices such as law, statutory decree, regulation etc.,

b. Conditions mandating share of information with the Ministry in line with the general regulating practices of Ministry of Health,

c. Conditions that require compliance to provisions of the contract entered by and between MLP and USER and issues about execution thereof,

d. If information related to the users is demanded regarding a research or investigation performed in order by authorized administrative and/or judicial offices,

e. If it is necessary to share information to protect rights or security of USERS.

10. With this statement, MLP guarantees that it accepts to keep the confidential information provided to it private and hidden, to keep it as a secret as an obligation, it will take all necessary measures to prevent publicity or unauthorized use or disclosure of the information, partly or wholly, to third parties and that it will certainly make all the necessary efforts thereof. ​